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The company «Azot Agro Dunav» launched its operations in August 2006 as Russian and Serbian joint venture, with equal shares of two founders. 50% of shares belong to the Russian founder — «KuibyshevAzot» OJSC. The company office of “Azot Agro Dunav” is located in Belgrade.

The core activity of the company «Azot Agro Dunav» is promotion and sale of high-quality nitrogen mineral fertilizers manufactured by «KuibyshevAzot» OJSC in Serbia.



The operations of the company «Azot Agro Dunav» in Serbia are run in compliance with the necessary licences and authorisations (see Table 1).

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Our company’s plans are to increase the volume of deliveries and the product range.
The cooperation of the company «Azot Agro Dunav» with one of the largest Russian manufacturers of fertilizers «KuibyshevAzot» OJSC guarantees reliability and precision of fulfilment of delivery agreements, competitive prices and quality of products.


Azot Agro Dunav d.o.o.
6 Francuska, 11000, Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381-11-322-07-41
Email: info@azotagrodunav.com